Turnkey, Authentic Customer Video Marketing

Shoppers Don't Know, You or Trust You.
But Shoppers Will Trust Your Customers.

Let your happy customers give shoppers the Say-So with authentic customer videos. Their credible and sincere word-of-mouth, unleashed across the Internet, 24 hours a day, sending you new referral customers.

The way people feel about car dealers is bad for business. But it's an opportunity for dealers who make customers happy.

Obstacle:  Shoppers Don't Like Car Dealers

Obstacle: Shoppers Say Dealers Are "Shady"

Obstacle: Shoppers Think They Won't Get What They Want

Obstacle: Shoppers Think They Won't Get What They Want

Obstacle: Shoppers Think They Won't Get What They Want

Obstacle: Shoppers Think They Won't Get What They Want

will your customers say-so?

We Care About Dealers
Who Care About Customers

If you're advertising price and payments, no one knows how well you treat customers (except your current customers). You sound like every other dealer.

If you're advertising how well you treat customers, no one believes you (except current customers). Shoppers assume it's just empty boasting. You sound like every other dealer.

The insights that led to Say-So were discovered while working for a large public auto group. Say-So was founded to offer customer focused dealers a competitive advantage over auto retail giants.


They don't like you because they don't know you.


If they knew you, like your customers know you, they'd like you too.


If they could trust you, like your customers trust you, there'd be no obstacles.
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These Dealers Give Shoppers The Say-So

Their customers' stories, tell the dealer's best story.


Differentiate From Typical Dealers
And Transform Your Marketing

Our turnkey marketing solution will differentiate you with an unbeatable competitive advantage and increase the engagement and impact of your marketing campaigns. Integrate the voices of your customers into every marketing communication.

We Interview Customers

We interview your happy customers with proprietary techniques developed over hundreds of interviews, to elicit powerfully persuasive content.

We Produce Video Asset Library

We produce videos covering topics of concern and interest to shoppers that foster your business goals. We store them in an online asset library.

You Get Video Website Pages

Website vendors haven't found a solution for making customer video reviews accessible to shoppers when and where they want them. We have.

You Get Enhanced Social Media

We'll upload relevant videos to your dealership's social media accounts to better engage your followers with authentic customer content.

You Get Increased Ad Effectiveness

Google revealed that 50-80% of ROI from paid media is due to the quality of your creative. Google highly recommends customer video reviews.

Will Your Customers Say-So?

If you're a dealership that treats your customers like friends and family, you know they will. So let your happy customers give shoppers the Say-So and enjoy the fruits of your competitive advantage.

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