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Improve Paid Media With Customer Influence

Video is the most effective media for marketing and customer video is the most influential. Customers add credibility, enthusiasm and emotion to your messaging, increasing engagement and ROI.

"Video drives discovery and awareness of vehicles."

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"Video gets shoppers to the lot."

Think With Google

The message matters.

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Supercharge Your Messaging

From each of our proprietary customer interviews we create videos on topics of concern to in-market shoppers. Each of these topics relates to one of your business units.

To supercharge your paid media campaigns, we create videos formatted for different channels that combine many customers on one or more topics related to your campaign goals.

Whether it's social media or television, people engage more with customer content because they find it more, relevant, meaningful and valuable than typical "advertising" messages. For instance, our clients have realized a 300% increase in engagement and click-through in YouTube preroll compared to the factory footage they previously used.

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