Service and Sales Recruiting

What's Included

salespeople or service techs

Team Based Recruiting Page

These Pages Host Your Recruiting Video Library

Manager videos let you give job seekers what your looking for and how you'll support their success. Team videos explain the day to day duties and insights from team members. Customer videos validate the kind of people, culture and values of your dealership. These pages are hosted under a sub-domain of your company's website and link job-seekers to your job application.

Motivate Applications

The pages create a context for learning about the position, your mission and team. Watching these videos give the viewer a sense of knowing your team, feeling welcome and understanding the opportunity.


Dealer Website Career Page

Integrate your manager and team videos into your careers page to make your opportunities more relatable and appealing.

videos are social

Dealer Facebook Page

It's estimated that 80% of the population in your franchise territory have Facebook accounts. They spend an average of 35 minutes a day on Facebook and scroll through 300 feet of their news feeds.
Video stops their scrolling as they watch over an hour of video each week.

Facebook is a leading source for reaching job seekers.

target passive job seekers

Facebook Promoted Posts

Conquest Salespeople

Facebook data allows your digital agency to target sales staff at nearby dealerships. Attract top producers with your superior people, values and store culture.


LinkedIn Video Ads

Number One for Recruiting

Linked In allows you to target passive job seekers geographically, by industry and position. Target talent and reach them with Sponsored Video Updates. You can use video on your company LinkedIn page to boost engagement with candidates.

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