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Your YouTube Channel

We will upload your videos into your Store's YouTube Channel. YouTube is the number one search engine for model reviews when shoppers research. Your videos will draw shoppers to your website.

Dealer Reviews Playlist

We'll create a playlist for all your dealer review videos. These reviews help shoppers choose your dealership.

Model Reviews Playlists

We'll create a playlist for all your review videos for each model. These reviews help shoppers decide to buy.

Salepeople Reviews Playlist

We'll create a playlist for your salepseople videos. These reviews help shoppers choose their salesperson.

videos are social

Your Facebook Page

It's estimated that 80% of the population in your franchise territory have Facebook accounts. They spend an average of 35 minutes a day on Facebook and scroll through 300 feet of their news feeds.
Video stops their scrolling as they watch over an hour of video each week.

Your Say-So videos are social. We're interested in other people's experiences. Nowhere is this more true than when considering a vehicle purchase.

reusable, evergreen content

Your Library of Video Assets

Our customer video interviews produce an enormous amount of content on topics that address consumers' wants and your dealerships' needs.

We manage your assets to produce customer validation for every marketing message. Customers that sing your praises let you stand out from dealers who simply promote price and payments. You're able to make promises your customers prove are true.

Make Your Paid Media

There is no more powerful message in advertising than one where promises are made and real customers prove those promises are true.

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