Your Authentic Customer Videos Deployed Everywhere

Our turnkey marketing solution will differentiate you with an unbeatable competitive advantage and increase the engagement and impact of your marketing campaigns.  Integrate the voices of your customers into every marketing communication.

We Interview Your Customers

We interview your happy customers with proprietary techniques developed over hundreds of interviews, to elicit  persuasive content.

We Produce Video Asset Library

We produce an asset library covering topics of concern and interest for shoppers that foster your business goals. These assets can be repurposed for ad campaigns.

You Get Video Website Pages

Website vendors haven't found a solution for making video reviews available to shoppers when and where they want them. We have.

You Get Enhanced Social Media

We upload relevant video to your dealership's social media accounts to better engage your followers with authentic customer content.

You Get Increased Ad Effectiveness

Google revealed that 50-80% of ROI from paid media is due to  your creative. Google highly recommends customer video reviews.

authentic customer conversations

We Interview Your Customers

There are no videos like Say-So videos. Watch and see for yourself. Our proprietary techniques have been developed from decades of television, radio, internet and retail automotive experience. We make authentic customer videos.

We ask brief questions and record candid responses. Customers are in no way coached, the words are their own. Nothing is ever scripted. Customers are not compensated for their participation. These happy customers feel a debt of gratitude to the dealership and enjoy the opportunity to help others make a good buying decision, by sharing their experiences and insights. Each interview produces a multitude of videos that help inform different shopper needs.

producing THE SAY-SO

We Produce Stories That Drive Business

Customer Experience

Owner Model Reviews

Dealership Reviews

Salesperson Testimonials

Used: Customer Experience

Service Advisor and Customers

A  Library of Video Assets

Our customer video interviews produce an enormous amount of content on topics that address consumers' wants and your dealerships' needs.

We manage your assets to produce customer validation for any of your marketing messages. We produce hundreds of videos covering a variety of basic shopper concerns and needs that support your business drivers.

Customers that sing your praises let you stand out from dealers who simply promote price and payments. Your marketing can make promises your customers prove are true.


You Transform Your Website

Nothing is as welcoming as demonstrating your commitment to customers on your homepage. Happy customers tell shoppers you're not a typical car dealer.

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create a selling context

You Get Video Pages For Your Website

We create a context for answering shoppers needs with customer video. Rich, relevant customer content keeps shoppers on your site longer and enhance your SEO.


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the say-so in social media

You Get Social Content For Social Media

We unleash your library of customer videos into your social media accounts.


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